Tequila Shorts

I generally write novels. At least, that’s what I aim for. Long, epic narratives of one hundred thousand words or more. Works that, at the start, seem like Herculean tasks that will never finish. Amid the grind, when all hope seems lost of ever getting the words right, I find it therapeutic to re-calibrate, to free the muses by the methods employed by dead authors from Ernest Hemingway to Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Drink heavily and pound the keys with no regard to where the story takes you.

Seldom does stream of consciousness conclude with anything usable. Most often, the result looks like something whipped up by a manic chimpanzee in the throes of an amphetamine bender—high Drunkanese. Occasionally, I wake up the following morning, stumble to my desk in my underwear, and, while reading my semi-illegible musings from the night before, find myself holding prose that I can work with. Something I call a Tequila Short.

The first of these signets, Notes from Skid Row, is on track to debut shortly. Please find below a short excerpt:

Newspapers love to portray the city of Detroit as a vast expanse of post-industrial wasteland where roving gangs of predators roam the streets in search of human prey to commit all sorts of heinous acts of barbarity upon.  As is usual with the American media, though, the situation is often exaggerated.  While there are places in Detroit where rapine and gunfire have replaced a firm handshake as the preferred custom for welcoming newcomers, you have to look for them. And if you are looking for places like that, you probably deserved what happened to you there.

Truth be told, I have had far more fortune stolen from me by shady attorneys than by any crackhead horde allegedly marauding the populace south of Eight Mile Road. If you really want to avoid getting mugged in Michigan, don’t worry about Detroit. Stay the hell out of Bloomfield Hills. A meth-addled tweaker brandishing a Saturday night special is only going to take your car and your wallet. Those lawyers will sack your entire retirement portfolio.

Available Soon on Amazon.

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