Tequila Vikings

Like the Norse berserkers of old, Petty Officer Doyle Murphy was not above getting drunk and fighting an adversary naked on occasion. It was this penchant for alcoholic misadventure that earned he and his men their reputations as the USS Belleau Wood’s Tequila Vikings.

After the Navy nearly charges him with attempted murder, Murphy reconsiders his lifestyle choices. He cuts back on his drinking, keeps his hands to himself, and learns to appreciate the quiet life.

Just when he thinks his old ways are behind him, Murphy once again blurs the line between fun and felony, landing a vulnerable subordinate in danger of spending years in a Mexican prison.

Battling both corrupt cops with cartel connections and his own self-destructive tendencies, can Murphy free his man without sacrificing his career, fiancée, freedom, and even his life? Will he ever escape his nature as a Tequila Viking? Or will he eventually come to embrace it?

The first of a four part series, Tequila Vikings will launch 02/04/21

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