The @#%^& Blurb

My God. I can fire off 100K words in no time at all it seems. Crafting a 200 word blurb to entice a reader to explore the book further, however? MURDER. It takes weeks. This is about a month’s worth of work right here, but I think this is what I am going with for my debut novel, Tequila Vikings:

Petty Officer Doyle Murphy embodied the warrior tradition of ancient Scandinavia in that, much like the Norse berserkers of old, he was not above getting drunk and fighting an adversary naked on occasion. His liberty excursions into Tijuana became so legendary that Murphy and his men came to be known as the USS Belleau Wood’s Tequila Vikings.

After his charmed life nearly implodes in catastrophic fashion, Murphy decides to reassess his lifestyle choices. He cuts back on the booze, keeps his hands to himself, and focuses his energy on the young lady he intends to marry.

Just when he thought his old ways were behind him, however, Murphy once again blurs the line between fun and felony, landing a vulnerable subordinate in danger of spending years in a Mexican prison. Murphy must fall back on old inclinations to get his shipmate back, risking his career, his fiancée, his freedom, and even his life in the process.

Is Murphy’s greatest peril the corrupt cops with cartel connections that he must face to free his man?

Or is it his inability to resist the self-destructive allure of misadventure that comes with his nature as a Tequila Viking?

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