Tequila Vikings is now LIVE!

I am pleased to announce that the paperback version of Tequila Vikings is now available for immediate order for $12.99! Preorder for the e-book version (release 03/04/21 for $4.99) is now open as well!

For autographed copies, please contact us at jeparkauthor@gmail.com!

Petty Officer Doyle Murphy’s problem was not that he was prone to alcohol-fueled misadventure. It was that he reveled in it.

Like the Norse berserkers of old, Murphy was not above getting drunk and fighting an adversary naked on occasion. That, along with the notoriety he and his men gained during their boozy forays into Tijuana, is how he became known as one of the USS Belleau Wood’s Tequila Vikings.

When his penchant for blurring the line between fun and felony finally goes bad, Murphy lands a vulnerable subordinate at risk of spending years behind bars in a Mexican prison. Getting his man back means risking all that he has achieved: his fiancée, his career, his freedom, and even his life.

Can Murphy free his shipmate without corrupt cartel cops obliterating everything he holds dear? Or will his self-destructive impulses lay it all to waste first?

Book 1 of the TEQUILA VIKINGS saga.

Book 2 of the TEQUILA VIKINGS series, OLONGAPO EARP, to release June 2021

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