An Irish Flashback

Almost made it through the whole day yesterday without realizing it was St Patrick’s Day. Man, I am kind of appalled at what I have become. I had to look back fondly at my first one. I passed out in the bar and was carried to a car that was either hit, or the one next to it was hit or something else that I slept right through. When I woke up though, the car I was in was surrounded by cops. Coming to in the midst of all this excitement, I stumbled out of the car and asked the nearest officer what was going on and he informed me that I had been involved in an accident. Quite shocked, I exclaimed “Oh my God!!!”, then after a couple seconds’ worth of thought asked, “I wasn’t driving was I?”

At least that was the way it was explained to me later – I was so messed up, all I remember was waking up in a car I didn’t recognize surrounded by cops, being lead to another car by people I don’t remember (but were probably my future in-laws) and magically transported back to Allen Park where I sobered up just enough to go to another bar that night. Good times!

Anyway, if you’re in the mood, I would recommend the book McCarthy’s Bar to anyone interested in getting in touch with their inner leprechaun.

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