Kanaris is a hot, wet planet teeming with inhospitable jungles where human beings are not at the top of the food chain. To survive the long trek to the lost colony of Narman’s Pyke, PFC Mazada Duum knew he had to keep up with the battalion, where the Marines had strength in numbers. And under no circumstances should he ever leave the trail and enter the rainforest.

When one of Kanaris’s many calamities forces the Marines off the path and spreads them out across a vast swath of alien bush, every leatherneck will spend the night facing a primitive terror that even their cruelest nightmares could not conjure up. Mazada Duum’s small squad, on the other hand, will face the motherlode.

For it was they who stumbled across The Nest.

Hello everybody!  It’s been a while since I’ve put out a newsletter, mainly because I have been quite busy putting together a new series that will launch in April 2023. At this point, the first novel is done, the second has just hit the 25% completion point, and the novella that accompanies the first book of the series has just been released! As a newsletter subscriber, I am letting you know that from today until Friday, November 5th, 2022, you can download the companion novella, “The Nest” FREE at!

I hope you will take advantage of this free offer and PLEASE don’t forget to leave a review!  

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J.E. Park

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