J.E. Park

J.E. Park grew up in a suburb of Detroit, MI, where his efforts in seeking misadventures in the Motor City’s punk rock scene and pursuing his vices dashed any aspirations in pursuing a higher education. They certainly did not help further his aspirations for a career in politics, either.

After graduation from high school, J.E. Park joined the US Navy and spent the next six years bar-brawling his way across the Far East, gaining the experiences that formed the foundation for his first novel “Tequila Vikings”, a tale of a troubled young man navigating the military politics, violence and wanton hedonism woven into the naval culture of the early 1990s.

J.E. Park was a former contributing writer to the now-defunct comedy website Zug.com where he was best known for penning an article on harnessing the hallucinatory experiences of the smoking cessation aid Chantix for recreational purposes, positing that whether a condition is considered a side effect or an unintentional source of amusement depends largely upon the patient’s attitude about the whole thing.

J.E. Park currently lives in a suburb of Flint, Michigan with his family where he has successfully used the region’s suspect water quality as an excuse to stop neglecting his drinking. He continues to write hoping to cure himself of the crippling affliction of productive, gainful employment and set himself up to be in a position to retire and take regular field trips to his frontal lobes once his kids have all finally left home for college.

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