Tequila Vikings

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Petty Officer Doyle Murphy’s problem was not that he was prone to alcohol-fueled misadventure. It was that he reveled in it.

Like the Norse berserkers of old, Murphy was not above getting drunk and fighting an adversary naked on occasion. That, along with the notoriety he and his men gained during their boozy forays into Tijuana, is how he became known as one of the USS Belleau Wood’s Tequila Vikings.

When his penchant for blurring the line between fun and felony finally goes bad, Murphy lands a vulnerable subordinate at risk of spending years behind bars in a Mexican prison. Getting his man back means risking all that he has achieved: his fiancée, his career, his freedom, and even his life.

Can Murphy free his shipmate without corrupt cartel cops obliterating everything he holds dear? Or will his self-destructive impulses lay it all to waste first?

Olongapo Earp

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Gangsters. Guerillas. Prostitutes. Wartime collaborators. Army mutineers. Pimps. Street Assassins. Moonshiners. Master Chief Bradley Darrow did three tours with the Armed Forces Police Department in the Philippines. He knew all the malcontents that earned Subic Bay its infamous reputation.

Darrow’s problem was that they all knew him, too. Once word on the street got out that he was back in town, there would be no shortage of people willing to seize the last chance they may ever get to take a shot at him. He wanted someone like Doyle Murphy watching his back.

Only Doyle Murphy was hardly up to the task. His already tenuous hold on his sanity was shattered in Japan. His descent into a full-blown breakdown is arrested only by an unlikely friendship forged with a young neighbor girl. Compelled to help her avoid the fate of her mother, a beautiful Filipina prostitute that Murphy is reluctantly falling for, he may not have the focus he needs to navigate the chaos that Darrow leaves in his wake.

Can Murphy accept the love of a woman forced by circumstance into selling herself to feed her child? Can his fragile psyche survive four weeks in the crossfire of a vendetta seemingly spawned by the past sins of Olongapo Earp? Or can he find peace within the pandemonium of Subic Bay and discover a place that he can finally call home?

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